Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mandaean Statement about The current situation in Iraq

Written by  The Mandaean Associations Union

The Mandaean community worldwide is gravely concerned for the safety of its members who remain in Iraq. The latest dangerous developments in Iraq is having worse impact on the Iraqi religious minorities including the Mandaeans who are more exposed and vulnerable as religious sectarian violence is breaking up among the various religious groups.
There are an estimated over 10,000 ten thousand Mandaeans inside Iraq, mainly in Baghdad but also in various cities and districts.
The Mandaeans fear the progress being made by ISIS in taking control of major cities within the state of Iraq will result in forced conversions to Islam or death by the sword as is the extreme religious doctrine of ISIS. Even the optional Muslim Jizya, a requital for not being killed, which is offered to some other religious minorities, will not be applied to the Mandaeans as the extremists do not accept the group as "people of the book". Mandaeans in areas under ISIS control have already fled to other areas and living as refugees whether inside Iraq or some fled to Jordan.
The situation in other parts of Iraq is also getting worse as Mandaeans are forced to bare arms to attack ISIS even though they are pacifists and are forbidden from baring arms by doctrine. If they don't then their loyalty to Iraq or the tribes in the area are in question and may be subject to punishment.
Due to the pacifist nature of the Mandaean religion which prohibits its followers from carrying arms and as they do not have an armed militia, there is no protection afforded and they are therefore an easy fray to the extremists.
The recent crimes against the Christians in Mosul and the last decree from ISIS in which it consider Mandaeans as infidels that must be killed a clear proof of the true nature and intentions of ISIS. The ethic cleansing or killing of other religious beliefs is a crime against humanity that the international community should not stand and watch it happen. .
We are asking of the international community, the USA government and all other governments of the world to defend religious beliefs rights, to intervene to help the Iraqi minorities like the Mandaeans and to find a permanent solution for their dilemma. And prevent their extinction from their homelands by the hands of the religious extremists.

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