Saturday, 03 December 2016

The Genocide Against the Mandaeans of Iraq Continues

Written by  mandaean Human Rights Group

The Mandaean Human rights group condemns the brutal killing of a Mandaean man in Kirkuk and wounding his brother.

On Sunday 27 Nov 2016 Mr Sami Kafif Z. AlZuhairy was murdered in the streets of Kirkuk, and his brother was wounded. The two brothers were attacked by four gunmen while driving to work. The attackers escaped chanting anti "Kufar" slogans.

The Mandaean Human Rights Group holds the Iraqi government and the security forces responsible for protecting all minorities and especially the weakest group 'the Mandaeans of Iraq". The Genocide that the Mandaeans are facing is a direct blow to all efforts to keep, let alone build ,a free and safe country.

We ask of the international community to help the Mandaeans in their dilemma and put pressure on the Iraqi sectarian leaders to respect the human rights of minorities in general and the Mandaeans in particular.

It is time to establish the Minorities Security Council under an international umbrella to protect, preserve and provide logistic support for the survival of the Iraqi Minorities.

The Mandaean Human Rights Group