Monday, 10 March 2014

To My Fellow Mandaeans

Written by  Mandaean Awareness & Guidance Board - Amer Nashmi
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"A question which always lingers in our mind and that we are in desperate need of an answer for. Is Mandaeism a religion only? And is the religion the secret to the survival of Mandaeism till this day? Or is it science, knowledge, religion rituals, spiritual teaching and understanding and the foundation of society has held strong till this day....."





To My Fellow Mandaeans

Mandaean Awareness & Guidance Board [MAGB]
Amer Nashmi
عامر نشمي

To My Fellow Mandaeans that Claim;

"I know nothing about Mandaeism!"
"Mandaeism is hard to learn and difficult to practice!"
Such kind of statements!!!

Stop trying to get something for nothing! You need to do something! It is the law of knowledge! Isn't it? There is no such thing as a free knowledge! A free prize! You must give to receive! If you give some kind of attention, some kind of curiosity to your forefathers history and how much they gave and what legacy they passed to us! to you! You may awarded!

Remember that the real riches are those who seek! Many scholars they call us "knowledge seekers", are we? Are you?
I quote from [Revisiting the Mandaeans and the New Testament, August/2013] James F. McGrath who is an Associate Professor of Religion:

"Imagine that someone today unearthed previously unknown scrolls, written in a dialect of Aramaic, and in a unique alphabet, reflecting the beliefs and practices of a Gnostic religious group. That alone would suffice to make them headline news. But imagine if, on further investigation, the texts had other interesting characteristics. And imagine if, seeking the origin of those texts, it turned out that the texts were connected not with an extinct religious group, but one that still exists in small isolated communities in Iraq and Iran. Their rituals could then be observed, allowing us to understand the texts in ways that might otherwise be impossible – as well as their religious rituals in the present day being of interest in their own right. All of this would result in sensational headlines, worldwide media attention, and a concerted scholarly effort to study and make sense of the data"

The Mandaean very survival has depended upon their life awareness and adaptation to certain circumstances. Mandaeans are the repositories of vast accumulation of traditional knowledge and experience that links Mandaeism and Mandaeans with its very ancient origin.

Mandaeism can bring us such truths with high authority and it is full of hanging fruits! You need only to collect them! However, either our forefather naive! Illusionist! or they have something to say! and do you know why they saved this to you? to us? In addition, you have two things; either you ignore it or do something about it! It's very simple! It's up to you and only you!

Do not make a god of excuses!! It is only weakness! Remember that the real riches are in your mind. Be like a wind bearing Mandaeism, a wind that blows where it desires and nothing will stop it!

It seems that for a reason we, and only we, inherited the Mandaean legacy to lead a balanced life, and continue surviving in a world our legacy describes it as "corrupted" and "not completed". We need to lead a balanced life through this corruption and pass the signal "signal of existence" that we are still here, that we love life and Life is victorious!

Mandaean has lived through thousands of years despite all persecution that very few of people can imagine. The Mandaeans are preserving legacy that very few of people know about. The coming years will show who is responsible and what wisdom we have towards our legacy. Do you want to be part of it? You decide!

Try to search; what the practical meaning does Mandaeism have for your life and your Mandaean society today?

Do you think that your grandfathers are naive!? How they insist to hold knowledge far away from the challenges of daily life!!! Ask these questions to yourself and start to search!

They say; the good soul will see goodness in it and the wise men will see wisdom in it. Perhaps the value of these classical texts in Mandaeism books is not only in its rituals and reverence that inspired our grandfathers or something they are awe and fear, but in its inclusiveness and fluidity; it is the knowledge in which our grandfathers have immersed themselves in down the ages. However, we are proud and happy that we call ourselves "Mandaee" "the one who knows!" "the one who has the knowledge!", so at least we try to put some efforts to know about our ancient knowledge, and then the truth will be not far away from us, not far away from you!

Those who benefit from the knowledge of Mandaeism may experience moments of enlightenments, in which "understanding" suddenly will floods through them and equally they may undertake a lifetime of endless study, search and experiences in order to attain understanding. That's why Mandaeism is a long process of learning and observing.

You should not think that the knowledge of Mandaeism is extremely difficult and complicated and out of reach, not logical to practice, or something that people today can only look up to with reverence. Take the first step towards it. Please, just take the first step towards it. Towards an ancient knowledge, many scholars making real efforts to understand it!! How about we! How about you! Our grandfathers will be smiling, waving and happy across the centuries, if we succeed to do so.

Mandaeism still the road less travelled by us!! Do you agree or not? Think about it! We need to get through this together! All we can do is to do our own search and settle down and "tune" to reach it!

Again, it seems that for a reason we, and only we inherited the Mandaean legacy to lead a balanced life, and continue surviving in a world our legacy describes it as "corrupted" and "not completed". We need to lead a balanced life through this corruption, and pass the signal "signal of existence" that we are................;
still here, that we love life and Life is Victorious

So, I want to close this massage with an invitation to give some of your time to Mandaeism!

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